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I ran across this AP report tonight and thought it highly topical for this blog. The author Mike Strobbe reveals experimentation on nonconsenting humans in the mid-20th century. The federally-funded tests run the gamut from exposing individuals in mental health institutions to hepatits, to government researchers infecting prisoners in Atlanta with gonorrhea through their urinary tracts. The article cites how most of these atrocities were never covered in the news; and in the few that were “the focus was on the promise of enduring new cures, while glossing over how test subjects were treated.”

Hmmm…Sound familiar??? How about this:

One newspaper account mentioned the test subjects were ‘senile and debilitated.’  Then it quickly moved on to the promising results.”

Now, instead of “senile and debilitated” just insert “soulless and unintelligent,” and you basically sum up the highly profitable animal research industry today.

The article goes on to point out,

Many prominent researchers felt it was legitimate to experiment on people who did not have full rights in society — people like prisoners, mental patients, poor blacks. It was an attitude in some ways similar to that of Nazi doctors experimenting on Jews”

The article does an incredibly thorough job outlining atrocities occuring at the hands of researchers in prisons and mental institutions, of data cover-ups (as when a penicillin test, in which prisoners and patients in a Guatemalan mental institution were infected with syphillus, yielded no results), and the lack of public outcry due to media whitewashing and cultual conditioning; yet, ironically enough, the article fails to make even a loose connection to the tens of millions of nonhuman animals who are abused yearly inside medical facilities.

We know it’s only a matter of time — the omens are everywhere  — before scientists start holding international “bioethics” panels about animals used for science, when it is publicly recognized for the atrocity that it is. We know that history will absolve those who’ve committed illegal actions on behalf of animals in labs — even if today they’ve been labeled “terrorists” and those who’ve been caught languish in prisons. We know this day will come. And many of us will do whatever we can to make that day come sooner.


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